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19 June 2011 @ 12:40 pm
hc_bingo card  
Trying out these bingo challenges and received my hurt/comfort card. Any suggestions? :) Obviously my preferred pairings are listed there on my sidebar. I prefer het to gen. Smut bunny has humped my brain to smithereens. If anyone has a suggestive plot for one of my nonactive fandoms, I am certainly willing to consider it. I've wanted to write them for awhile but the muses have not been there.

Some prompt suggestions as given to me already:
from toomuchfandom:
loss of voice Tony gets a viral infection in his throat and isn't allowed to speak/can't speak while he's in charge as Gibbs was forced by Vance to take the week off (or something like that)

Blackmail Ziva knows a secret, and she's going to blackmail Rodney out of his chocolate stash.

Headache Abby's not prone to sickness, but dealing with so much evidence from multiple cases and different MCRT's, gives her a headache.

Loss of job John's afraid that this time, he will lose his job or is being sent into early retirement. How was he supposed to know [something bad] would happen?

Fire McGee's worst nightmare; his apartment building is on fire and he's not allowed to go in and save his babies.

from tielan with Teyla centric themes:
unexpected pregnancy: it's even canon! The trials and tribulations of being a single mom in a city where the marines are sure to make jokes about babymommas and hos. I'd actually pick Ronon or maybe Rodney to be the comforter.

hiding an injury/illness: could be for Teyla - she wants to keep doing something but knows that if she told anyone, she'd be grounded and the team needs her right now...

archaic medical treatment: Someone is injured and unable to reach Atlantis medical assistance. Teyla has to rely on Athosian techniques to ease the pain or fix the problem.